Amprion Recruitingprozess-Optimierung und Active Sourcing-Implementierung

Unter der Leitung der Talent Acquisition Expertin Katharina Pratesi haben wir die IST-Situation im Recruitingprozess unter die Lupe genommen, gemeinsam einen neuen Prozess für das Active Sourcing definiert und in den bestehenden Prozess implementiert.

Amprion GmbH is a German transmission system operator based in Dortmund that runs the second largest extra-high voltage electricity grid in Germany. It is facing enormous growth in personnel. Under the leadership of talent acquisition expert Katharina Pratesi, we sought to tackle the associated challenges by assessing the current situation in the recruiting process, jointly defining a new process for active sourcing and integrating it within the existing process. The following topics, among others, were examined in the project:

  • Target group definition – clustering of positions into job groups/families
  • Definition of an active sourcing process
  • Integration of active sourcing into the recruiting process
  • Distribution of roles

Interactive, practical and modern methods were discussed, debated, classified and concretized. The workshop was rounded off with an intensive training on active sourcing.

Brandmonks Workshop mit Amprion