Active Sourcing Training – Sourcing & Kommunikation


Ob die aktive Suche nach geeigneten Kandidat:innen oder die Kommunikation im Active Sourcing – wir zeigen dir mit diesem Training, welche Möglichkeiten du hast und wie du „deine Technik“ findest.
  • Online Workshop
  • 4 Stunden
  • Two Topics
  • Participation fee 649 EUR
During this training, we'll immerse you in the fundamentals of active sourcing. Discover essential tools, a structured approach, and efficient techniques, all while finding joy in the process.

Join our communication seminar for practical tips and tricks in effective communication. Together, we'll work on your search profiles, allowing you to experiment under expert guidance and refine your skills.

“Crazy little Thing called Active Sourcing”

- More than just reviewing applications
  • 1
    Basics and Preparation for Active Sourcing

    Introduction to Active Sourcing|Difference between Digital Recruiting & Active Sourcing|What is Active Sourcing?| Sourcer Mindset

  • 2
    My Setup in Active Sourcing

    Sourcing Tools|Keyword Research|Google Chrome Extensions|Briefing with the Specialist Department

  • 3
    Search Methods

    Boolean Search|Semantic Search|Boolean Operators|Boolean Modifiers

  • 4
    Lessons Learned - Practicing What You've Learned

    Building search strings|Applying search strategy|Receiving direct feedback

  • 5

    Basics|Sourcing with LinkedIn Basic and Premium License|Sourcing mit LinkedIn Recruiter:in

  • 6
    Lessons Learned - Practicing What You've Learned

    Sourcing in LinkedIn|Experimenting with different search strategies|Receiving direct feedback

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    “I just called to say I want you”

    - Recruiting Communication
    • 1
      First Contact

      My Selling Story|Do's & Don'ts in communication|Strategy for approaching candidates

    • 2
      Setup for Active Sourcing

      Wie spreche ich identifizierte Kandidat:innen an?|How do I stay memorable?

    • 3
      Lessons Learned - Practice What You've Learned

      Creating a message based on real profiles|Receiving direct feedback

    • 4
      Telephone Introduction

      How do I prepare?|How do I conduct a first conversation?|What is the objective?

    • 5
      Next Steps or Rejection

      How do I deliver a respectful rejection?|How to stay in contact

    Secure Your spot in the Active Sourcing Training or schedule a phone Introduction today

      Lucht Probst Associates - LPA

      Despite initial hesitation, our four HR specialists, each new to active sourcing, underwent comprehensive training from scratch. With unwavering commitment, they completed the program, exuding high motivation for active sourcing.

      Post-training, all participants felt well-prepared for their fresh roles, already identifying potential candidates during practice sessions. One participant shared, "I can't wait to get started for real!" Their enthusiasm sets the stage for a successful journey in active sourcing.