Job Advertisement Training

Job Advertisement Training

Du würdest mit deinen Stellenanzeigen gerne mehr Kandidat:innen begeistern? Erfahre in unserem Training worauf du achten musst, um deine Zielgruppe zu erreichen.
  • Online Workshop
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • One subject area
  • Participation fee 769 EUR
If conventional methods are not yielding results, why not embrace innovation? Join us to explore creative approaches that will set you apart from the crowd and captivate talents from the very first glance.

"I can't get no (Candidates)"

- Post and Pray war gestern
  • 1

    Skills shortage and candidate market|Creative job postings

  • 2
    Tone in the Job Ad

    Address, writing style, and tone|Diversity - more than just m/f/d

  • 3
    Job Advertisement Content

    What information is relevant?|Quick and easy text creation with ChatGPT|Should salary be included in the job ad?

  • 4
    Job Title

    Optimal length of the job title|Finding the right keywords with Google Trends

  • 5
    Posting on Social Media

    Advertise jobs for free|Creating LinkedIn postings


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