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Recruiting Interim Management

If your resources reach their limits in terms of both time and expertise, we will work with you to implement your individual recruiting strategy and advise you on the most important methods and procedures.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO

With RPO services, we have created dedicated recruitment teams that integrate with your internal team, manage your processes and collaborate with your functional departments. Our teams live and breathe your culture and act as brand ambassadors for your company.

Recruiting Interim Management

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Active Sourcing is a complex of different recruiting tools. It involves both the filling of specific vacancies and the creation of a talent pool. Thanks to active sourcing, personal interaction with applicants can be intensified and potential for current or future cooperation can be generated in this way. Compared to other recruitment tools, Active Sourcing is very effective, targeted and cost-efficient. Time-to-hire is significantly reduced. Active sourcing enables companies to respond more quickly to staff shortages by drawing on their own accumulated talent pool or an external one.

Active sourcing is not just about profile mining in social networks, but much more about all process steps that serve to increase the relevance of your company and the open position with your desired candidates. Attracting talent requires a comprehensively coordinated strategy. A close proximity to the target group is a prerequisite. The sourcer must speak the language of the candidates and in parallel know the needs of the company and the specific department, advise and accompany them during the process.

Effective active sourcing is not a question of team size or budget, but more a question of strategic thinking and the right people with the right mindset.

As professional active sourcers, we are brand ambassadors, relationship managers, sourcers, digital experts, recruiting managers and diagnosticians. The market is changing. The candidates are changing. This requires new adapted, targeted approaches.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


The partial or complete outsourcing of processes for recruiting employees to a partner is described as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). According to differentiated forecasts, the global demand for RPO will increase several times over in the next few years.

Outdated processes, coupled with a lack of specific know-how for new and innovative methods, combined with demographic change and a shortage of skilled workers, are creating an increasing demand for partial or comprehensive outsourcing to talent acquisition specialists.

The topic of professional active sourcing coupled with the ideal candidate journey can make all the difference for the company when it comes to attracting new potential employees.

Brandmonks' experienced consultants can guarantee this service. Both in the short and long term, the right methods are used to respond to the challenges on the market in order to support your recruiting as needed.