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We provide and develop innovative digital talent identification solutions to help organizations build high-performing, diverse teams.

Digital recruiting uses technology to streamline and improve the recruiting process. It reduces the time and effort spent sourcing, screening and pre-screening candidates while supporting all aspects of the process from advertising to candidate assessment, management and reporting.


The Internet has changed everything forever - from the way we communicate with each other to the way we shop and the way we go out. Fortunately, it has also changed the way companies recruit their talented employees.

The changes that have taken place in recruiting over the years are many and have fundamentally altered the way companies identify and recruit talent. Modern technology has made the process more efficient and has extended the reach of the process. Meanwhile, the talent hunt is more human and diverse, with an emphasis on candidate well-being and long-term retention.

Most companies use some form of online recruiting. They post jobs online, source candidates through various social media, or conduct interviews through MS Teams or Zoom if a candidate lives in a different geographic location.

Our digital agency and in-house development tools

Brandmonks is a specialist in all aspects of digital recruitment. We make your projects and goals a reality, and our teams work hand in hand with our clients:


To combine technological advances with our recruitment processes, we created an internal digital subsidiary called Brand Meets Media, which specializes in digital marketing and IT solutions for internal projects and external client projects. This allows us to support our clients in their recruitment efforts and maximize our digital engagement with prospects.

Flynne - Digital rekrutieren. Kompetenzbasiert matchen

In addition, with flynne we have an intelligent competency management suite that maps the entire sourcing cycle from sourcing to hiring. It enables HR to recruit digitally, perform competency-based matching and get to know candidates in real-time.

We are thrilled to offer you complimentary, no-obligation information. Let's start with an initial exchange to introduce you to our company and approach.

We can help you put your recruitment on the digital fast track with our unique services and expertise.

Recognizing the challenges of finding the right talent, our dedicated team of experts develops customized, data-driven strategies based on the latest technology and industry expertise. In doing so, we provide you not only with innovative solutions, but also with a collaborative partnership that is based on trust, transparency and the pursuit of common goals. We are dedicated to improving how you recruit and hire, and to helping you find the best talent faster and more efficiently.

We can help you put your recruitment on the digital fast track with our unique services and expertise.

Angesichts der Herausforderungen, denen sich moderne Unternehmen stellen müssen, um die richtigen Talente zu finden, entwickelt unser engagiertes Expertenteam maßgeschneiderte, datengetriebene Strategien, die auf den neuesten Technologien und branchenspezifischem Know-how basieren.
Dabei bieten wir Ihnen nicht nur innovative Lösungen, sondern auch eine partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, die auf Vertrauen, Transparenz und der Verfolgung gemeinsamer Ziele basiert. Unser Ziel ist die Optimierung Ihrer Rekrutierungsprozesse und die Unterstützung bei der Suche nach den besten Talenten – und das schneller und effizienter.

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Brandmonks offers a clear and efficient approach to digital transformation of the recruitment process. From the analysis of your needs to the precise implementation of a tailor-made strategy - we optimize every step of the way.


The success of your digital recruiting initiative will be ensured through regular reporting and transparent communication with you. Your feedback is critical to our shared goal: to exceed your expectations and attract top talent to your organization. Let Brandmonks help you create a successful digital future in recruiting.

q.beyond AG

The process of using the Flynne platform is very fast and easy. In a very short time we have already received promising applications.

I can highly recommend the initiative as we were able to arrange our first interview with a developer within a week of using the app.

Larissa JantaTalent Acquisition & Diversity Manager q.beyond AG
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