Digitalization in recruiting

Digitalization in recruiting

Digitalization is advancing and has now also arrived in recruitment. With the help of increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies, the speed and efficiency of recruiting processes can be significantly optimized. Artificial intelligence and automation processes make work easier for HR departments and recruiters and are taking recruitment to a new level.

Are you planning a digital transformation of your recruiting processes? We would be happy to advise you as to which solution is right for your company.

SAP SuccessFactors

Simplify and optimize your recruiting and onboarding.


Attract unknown talents with our potential analysis tool.

To Flynne

Digitale Transformation, IT-Lösungen & Digitales Marketing für Ihren Erfolg

Zu Brandmonks Media

Digitale Recruiting Tools

With SAP SuccessFactors and Flynne, Brandmonks relies on digital recruiting and talent acquisition solutions:

By implementing SAP SuccessFactors, our customers receive a comprehensive, cloud-based suite of solutions to simplify their recruiting and onboarding processes.

Our multidimensional tool Flynne enables the identification of undiscovered talent. The sourcing, screening and selection steps are fully automated with the help of our proprietary AI.

Online Marketing für Recruiting- und andere Projekte

Brandmonks Media – das ist die hausinterne digitale Unit der Brandmonks GmbH, die sich um das digitale Marketing & die IT-Lösungen für unsere internen Projekte und externen Kundenprojekte kümmert.

Bei Brandmonks Media beschäftigen wir uns mit Themen wie z.B.: E-commerce, digitale Strategien, Technologie, Online Marketing, Software-Entwicklung, Skalierung.


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